Body of missing pregnant woman found

HUNTSVILLE, TX Investigators are waiting on dental records so they can positively identify the body. It took them 19 hours to process that shallow grave as a crime scene. They had help from the Texas Rangers and the FBI. They've narrowed the pool of potential suspects to three, including Adams' boyfriend Neriah Roberts, but he is nowhere to be found.

Three tenths of a mile down a country road north of Huntsville, in what can only be described as the middle of nowhere, lies a shallow grave. While it's empty now, Walker County Sheriff's investigators say it contained the remains of /*Tierra Adams*/, 25, and her unborn child.

"We are basing that at this point on the clothing description of which she was last seen in, as well as several identifying tattoos that were found on the body," explained Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae.

A local resident made the discovery Wednesday morning. He became suspicious when he noticed buzzards and wild hogs feeding in that same area. Investigators say he found the body of the woman believed to be Adams lying face down. What's not clear is how long she had been there.

Sheriff McRae said, "We have several leads, some of which I feel are good strong leads. We are following up on those leads. We're going to rule out the unnecessaries."

While investigators have yet to issue a warrant for his arrest, they are calling Neriah Roberts, Adams' live-in boyfriend, their prime suspect. Roberts told Houston police he kicked Adams out of his car after the two had fought back in January. Adams was due to give birth on February 14.

Adams' mother has been skeptical of the story from the very beginning. News of this discovery has stirred up all kinds of emotions.

Rose Adams said, "Not knowing. And I know my daughter would never... Eight and a half months pregnant, not calling me, not letting me know how she's doing... I knew it was just not right."

The body was sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office for an autopsy. Investigators are still awaiting those results.

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