Baby involved in SWAT standoff

HOUSTON It happened Saturday at a home at Mesa and Everglade in northeast Houston.

With baby Ramiro safety in their arms, the Desantiago family can finally breathe.

"I was scared something was going to happen to her," said Braulio Desantiago

Braulio's older sister, Marta, ran screaming from the house around 11:30am Saturday, after her husband allegedly beat her with a pistol and took their baby hostage.

"They had a four-month-old baby in there, so we were obviously very concerned about that," said Captain David Gott with the Houston Police Department SWAT team. "And he had a pistol, so he had the means to cause harm to the baby or anybody else."

Ramiro Silos finally surrendered four hours later and claims it was all a big misunderstanding.

"We had a little argument. Things got bad," he said from the back of a squad car.

"Were you holding your baby hostage?" we asked.

"No, ma'am. I don't know where that came from. We were both asleep in the bed."

Silos is now on his way to jail. For Marta, she's just relieved the younger Ramiro is safe.

"I feel happy that that everything is OK," she said.

The suspect in this case does have a police record. Neighbors tell us this is not the first time police have been to the house.

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