Pit bulls kill small dog in Ft. Bend Co.

FT. BEND COUNTY, TX Andrea Jones doesn't plan on telling her children exactly what happened to their little dog because it's so graphic. You'd think the threat would be gone, but Andrea says she has reason to worry it could happen again.

It's the perfect place for her two young children to play, but Andrea won't let them in their own backyard now unless she does some serious surveillance.

"I'm very, very afraid for them," said Andrea.

Tuesday night, as four-year-old Deandre and six-year-old Joanay were upstairs getting ready for bed, their little Chihuahua, Crispy, a dog they had had since he was a puppy, was outside facing two pit bulls. He didn't have a chance.

"He wasn't a pet. He was a family member," said Andrea. "The dog actually ate him."

The two dogs had to break through three fences to get to Crispy.

"That was determination," said Andrea. "They wanted him."

Animal Control officers responded and took the pit bulls. Their owners replaced the broken fence posts and wrote a letter apologizing. Andrea was ready to move on, but then she heard they had re-claimed the dogs. And now fear has set in.

"I'm worried that if my kids are out here playing, what could happen?" she asked. "A bad situation could be worse."

"Are those coming back here?" we asked Shardee Beasley, who owns the dogs.

"No," she answered.

"Where are they going?"

"I'm not for sure."

Beasley and her boyfriend own the dogs. She says the female will not return because it was the most aggressive, but it's possible the male might come back.

"What if those dogs got a kid?" we asked her.

"Got a kid? Well there's nothing I could do about that. If they did, well the dogs would have to be put to sleep or something."

Andrea thinks that should have already happened.

"I hope it doesn't take a tragedy for something to happen, to one of the kids around here, for someone to see they are a danger," said Andrea.

Andrea says an Animal Control officer told her they couldn't do anything and had to return the dogs. When I called Animal Control, I was told to call back for a supervisor, then I was told the supervisor left. I never heard back from anyone in Fort Bend County Friday. Andrea wants her homeowners association to step in and force people with pit bulls to secure them when outside.

That wasn't the only pit bull attack in Fort Bend County this week. On Wednesday, pit bulls owned by former Texans player Steve Foley attacked a neighbor and killed her dog. Animal Control will keep the dogs for ten days to test them for rabies. Foley will get a ticket for not securing his dogs.

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