Man shot in car outside restaurant

HOUSTON All this took place around 10:30pm at a Bennigan's restaurant on North Sam Houston Parkway at Greenspoint. Police are still trying to sort out the details as to what caused one man to fire about seven rounds into another man's car.

According to witnesses, a group of males was in the parking lot, talking with another group of men. One of the men, the victim, was sitting in a car. Then all of sudden, someone in the group pulled out a gun and fired it into the car.

The victim tried to get away by driving off, but in the process, he hit two cars and a pickup truck.

"Just shock, cause like I just said, we had just got the vehicle out of the shop, just shocked to see that this kind of damage occurred to our vehicle," said Arlyn Scott, whose car was hit by shooting victim.

The victim was hit three times by the bullets -- once in the neck and twice in the arm. He was transported to the hospital in serious condition.

There is no word on what sparked the shooting or suspect information at this time.

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