Former Texans player's dogs on attack

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX It happened at the Sienna Plantation subdivision in Fort Bend County. The woman told us about her terrifying ordeal. "I've got a gaping hole in my mouth, I've got bite marks," said Twana Schulz. "I consider myself very fortunate."

Schulz has bite marks all over her body.

Around 3pm, she and her puppy were walking down the street to pick up Schulz's six year old daughter at the bus stop. That's when a neighbor told her pit bulls belonging to Schulz's next door neighbor, Shane Foley, were loose.

"They immediately came and started attacking me and the dog," she said.

The dogs attacked Schulz as she ran to her house.

"All you're thinking is fight to live, that's what you're trying to do," Shulz said.

Schulz could not stop the dogs, so she had to make a snap decision. Save herself or her pet.

"I just let 'em have my dog and they took her off and started eating her," she said tearfully.

Schulz wonders what could have happened if her kids were around.

"I am very upset that we lost the family pet, but it could have been a lot worse because I know my kids play out in the yard with the dog and it very well could have been my daughter or my son," Shulz said.

"We all talked about this was inevitably going to happen," said neighbor Steve Chappelear.

Another concerned parent told us they feared this would happen when the dogs first appeared in the neighborhood.

"Those dogs are a danger to the neighborhood and we don't want our kids put in harm's way," Chappelear said.

"I knew something tragic was going to happen but with the laws that are in effect you can't do anything until something happens," Schulz said.

Animal control will keep the pit bulls for ten days to test them for rabies. Shane Foley will get a ticket for not securing his dogs.

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