Two captured after police chase

HOUSTON Police were chasing a driver in a blue two-door SUV in west Houston. It all began with a traffic stop on Dunlap in southwest Houston shortly before 4pm. It ended nearly a half an hour later, as the SUV came to a stop in the parking lot of the Catalina apartment complex on Court Glen at Bissonnet.

Several officers immediately blocked the suspect. The driver exited the vehicle and gave up fairly promptly.

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There was one passenger in the SUV. He jumped out and made a run for it on foot. Officers caught up with him in just a minute or two.

Both juveniles were quickly handcuffed and taken into custody. Eyewitness News has learned they are both residents of the Catalina apartments where the chase ended. Some witnesses have told Eyewitness News the boys could be in their very early teens.

There was a great deal of erratic driving during the chase - driving on the wrong side of the road and jumping curbs. There were at least three minor collisions, and a number of close calls. It's unknown if any witnesses were injured.

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