Key Middle School reopens despite concerns

HOUSTON The campus was closed in September when several staff members got sick, and some were taken to the hospital. Students were sent to Fleming Middle School in the meantime.

HISD spent $3 million cleaning the building and removing mold while adding new insulation, new carpeting, and new ceiling tiles. They've also made extensive repairs to air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Some ministers are not convinced and are still calling on the district to rebuild the school from the ground up.

"There's no way any expert can say there is no mold at the present time," said Leonard Barksdale with 5th Ward Missionary Baptist Church.

"I believe they have done everything they known how to do to make it safe for both of us to be here," said 8th grade teacher Lewanda Phillips.

Eyewitness News spoke with parents dropping their children off this morning, and they have mixed feelings about the school re-opening.

"I hope everything is alright with the school for all the money that they spent and it's worth the money because of the kids education," said concerned grandparent Joanne Colbert.

"I'm still in question if everything is OK for the students," said a concerned parent.

Some local ministers want the school rebuilt from the ground up. Many teachers however, tell us they feel perfectly safe in the newly renovated building.

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