Boy bitten by snake goes home

HOUSTON When we first showed you young Caleb Brock, he was in critical condition at UTMB in Galveston waiting on more surgeries. That was last week and a lot has changed since then.

Caleb is home and more comfortable. When we were there, he was shy as many 3 year olds are with strangers but he did manage to flash a few smiles.

Surrounded by oversized stuffed bunnies and his mom and dad, Caleb Brock is the one place he's wanted to be since his frightening experience.

He still cannot walk, his legs remain bandaged but the swelling has gone down. It's a vast improvement since we last saw him in the hospital on Thursday.

"Seeing him on the ventilator and seeing the bite marks, that's pretty scary," said his father Kendall Brock.

Caleb was bitten not once but twice by a rattlesnake at the San Luis County park last Wednesday. Two surgeries and 10 doses of anti-venom later, he returned to his Jersey Village home Saturday, welcomed by signs made by his brothers and sisters and just in time for Easter.

"He went on an Easter egg hunt, we toted him in a wagon in the back yard and daddy helped him get eggs and he got candy," said his mother Jennifer Brock.

For this active 3 year old, his mom says sitting still is the hardest part. He wants to run and play. In time, doctors expect Caleb to fully recover. His parents are proud.

And credit their faith for getting them through.

"It really has strengthened our faith in God and we can trust him to work things out when things look bad," Jennifer said.

Caleb's parents have been so gracious to talk to us because they hope their son's experience serves as a reminder to others to always know your surroundings when out in nature and know what other wildlife might be there. Caleb has another doctor's appointment Friday. This little boy is tough. He's ditched his pain medicine because he doesn't like how it tastes.

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