Changing lives overseas

HOUSTON Elliott has lived a lifetime in her 18 years, a standout on the volleyball court and a cancer survivor.

"So far, I'm doing really well," she said. "I have more tests coming up soon, but I believe they're going to be fine."

Kristin is more worried about others than herself. Her passion in life is not sports. It's her mission trips. Starting her freshman year, Kristin has made annual trips to Mexico and last year, took a trip to Africa to help care for orphans to make a difference in their lives.

"Most of them are orphans and they don't have a lot of hope and you basically teach them about God and how he offers hope and he loves them, that they're significant, they're loved, and the're victoriiouis in Christ," said Kristin. "Most of them, and some of them haven't ever seen a white person before, so when they first see you, they're kind of, you know, 'Why's this person here' but after a couple of days, they open right up and give you those big smiles you've probably seen a lot."

Kristin's next trip to Zambia is June 8 thru 22. This time, she's working to make a permanent difference. She's helping raise money to build a facility to house the camp year round. About $60,000 is needed. If you'd like to help out, log on to Or you can call 972-620-2020.

"It's a $60,000 house, so anything would be great to have," said Kristin.

Kristin living life to the fullest, living her life for others.

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