Doctor collects Astros wives' autographs

HOUSTON Dr. Eric Haufrect, who is a self-confessed baseball fan, has done something unique. He's delivered over 30 babies of current and former Houston Astros.

"Roy Oswalt's wife and Lance Berkman's wife, Morgan Ensberg, Adam Everett, Brad Ausmus," he listed for us.

"When I first started coming to him it was about 20 years ago," said Kim Williams who is married to Astros player Woody Williams.

The Methodist Hosptial doctor has delivered all three of Kim and Woody Williams' babies, but in addition to being the obstetrician to the 'Stros, Dr. Haufrect has started another tradition.

"I thought to myself, something is inconsistent with a woman who has been laboring all day, who had produced a perfect child and then the husband being the center of attention," Dr. Haufrect said.

So he went out and purchased a dozen baseballs and then asked the wife to sign one. That has led to a one-of-a-kind collection of balls autographed by current and former Astros players' wives.

He says a few players were caught off-guard adjusting to a reserve role.

"It was when the husband said, 'Would you like for me to sign the ball?' I said, no, no, that's alright. Your wife today is my superstar and it became a habit," Dr. Haufrect said.

One of the first autographs he got was from Kim.

"I was pretty tickled with it at first because I don't get asked much for autographs unless it's for a permission slip for my kids at school," she said. "So, I was happy. I was happy to do it."

Along with the wife's autograph, he gets the baby's name and birth date. He says his trademark is now a hit with everyone.

"I think the husbands like it as much as I do," he said.

Dr. Haufrect has one autographed baseball from a dad in his collection. It's from Roy Oswalt, whose wife gave it to the doctor as a special gift.

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