Gas for under $2 in Katy

KATY, TX Saturday, some folks in Katy received a break. They got gas for under $2 a gallon. That's more than a dollar discount thanks to a generous gesture.

Each driver feels the pain at the pump, but not this day in Katy.

At one gas station, prices fell to $1.99 a gallon, at least for a few hours.

It was due to the goodwill of Parkway Fellowship Church. Drivers paid the low price, the church paid the rest. With gas prices averaging more than $3 a gallon, it was a welcome gesture.

It's not a scientific study, but judging from the line, people needed a break from the high prices. The church has sponsored 'buy downs' before and each time, it helps drivers buy thousands of gallons of gas.

Over the three hour period of the reduced price, church officials say they pumped more than $5,000 gallons of gas saving folks about $6,000 dollars.

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