Sex offender runs for mayor

WILMER, TX James Brian Sliter, 42, said he is sorry and needs to prove he can be an asset to his suburban Dallas community, four years after he arrived at a home where police waited for him instead of a teenager.

"People need to realize that people make mistakes, and they need to look past those mistakes and forgive and move on," Sliter told Dallas television station KTVT. "I'm not asking anybody to condone what I did."

Sliter was charged with attempting to commit sexual assault of a child and was placed on 10 years probation, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. He is eligible to run for office because he was never convicted, instead receiving deferred adjudication.

Sliter said friends encouraged him to seek office in this town of 3,400, located just south of Dallas.

Wilmer Mayor Don Hudson is less supportive.

"Will a sex offender serving as mayor put a stigma on this city? You bet it will," Hudson told KTVT.

The election in Wilmer is May 10.

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