Police: Catatonic driver slams into home

COPPERFIELD, TX And the driver had a child in the car. It nearly ended in someone's living room in Copperfield.

Officers first noticed Chevy Trail Blazer all over the road and driving halfway on the median. Authorities tried to get the driver to stop, but she just continued on, even through some construction barrels along West Road.

A deputy says at one point, he pulled up next to her and she seemed catatonic. Eventually, the woman smashed into a brick column and wall of a home.

"I saw it go in my yard, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, the car's not gonna stop'," said the homeowner's daughter, Michelle Sutton. "So I ran into my dad's room, and right when I woke him up, we heard this big crash and it was like an earthquake."

Authorities say the woman is the babysitter and was trying to get the sick child home. Authorities say the driver claims to have taken a nighttime medication which may have given her a bad reaction.

The five-year-old child was in the back seat and luckily neither the child nor the driver was injured.

There is no word if the woman will be charged.

The homeowners are worried about the damage the driver caused since the home is in the process of being sold. No one inside the home was injured.

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