Sexually charged calls haunt teen girl

SPRING BRANCH, TX The man on the other end was even trying to persuade her to meet him.

Police warn predators are always looking for another way to make contact with your children.

"You do sound sexy though and you're probably too young, but if you ever do just want to talk to someone, you've got my number," a message to the girl, who is a high school senior, said.

"He told me to keep calling him if I wanted to meet up with him," the girl who did not want to be identified said.

And the messages continued.

"I was more scared, and I just wanted it to stop," she said.

Some messages are too explicit for this web site.

"Hey girl, you ought to at least think about someone -- licking you neck," one message said.

"He kept wanting her to call him back, have contact," the girl's mother said. "He wanted to speak with her, meet with her. He did talk about things he wanted to do to her sexually."

Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Chuck Brawner says they are investigating and warns as teens use technology to communicate, predators are using more than the Internet to try and make contact.

"The predators are out there left and right targeting the phone, text messaging, they may randomly call numbers and see what they get," he warned.

The calls like this one.

"We can just have a one night stand and I can assure you that you would not be disappointed," the message said.

The calls have stopped.

"What if some young girl would meet him, she might be getting herself in a situation that would end very tragic," the mother said.

But the family worries the man on the other end of the line could be dialing another number.

"Make sure and tell your parents if it does happen because it could always progress to something worse," the teen warned.

Chief Brawner says the caller likely dialed numbers until he found a voice he liked. Police have a lead in the case and are waiting for subpoenaed phone records to finish their investigation.

Police offer these tips to try and protect your children:

  • Know what your kids are doing on their electronic devices
  • Know the capabilities of their phones and pocket PCs
  • Tell your kids how potential predators may try and make contact with them

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