Chris Rock testifies in Pellicano trial

In a 15-minute appearance on the witness stand, the comedian said he first hired Pellicano in 1999 but did not know about his tactics.

"Someone who was not pregnant with my child, claimed to be pregnant with my child and requested large sums of money," Rock testified.

Pellicano and four other co-defendants have pleaded not guilty to using wiretaps and other tactics to dig up dirt to help clients in legal and other disputes.

On cross-examination, attorney Chad Hummel, who represents former Los Angeles police Sgt. Mark Arneson, asked if Rock knew what kind of information Pellicano was getting for him.

"I relied on what my lawyer told me," Rock said.

Rock said DNA tests later proved he was not the father of the child.

"So you believe the claim to be false?" Hummel asked.

"Yes," Rock said.

Rock testified that he hired Pellicano again two years later after the woman claimed the comedian had sexually assaulted her.

Rock was never arrested or charged in connection with that allegation.

"Did you know Mr. Pellicano was following her?" asked Hummel.

"Not really," Rock date John McCain said Friday as he stood outside the motel where the civil rights leader was slain. "The quality of his character is only more apparent. His good name will be honored as long as the creed of America is honored," McCain said in front of the balcony where King was shot in 1968. By Special Correspondent David Espo.

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