Ex-cops charged after holding singer at gunpoint

DALLAS, TX Randy Anderson, 26, and Paul Loughridge, 48, were both indicted Monday on one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Anderson was also indicted on one count of kidnapping.

The four men had gone to the house after meeting at a bar. They were allegedly drinking early on Dec. 27 at Holy's home when the singer said an argument began about his identity. One of the officers didn't believe Holy was really the country singer, said Lt. Vernon Hale.

Known for his 2006 hit "Brand New Girlfriend," Holy told police the officers eventually pointed their guns at him and a friend and ordered them on the ground.

Although he declined to discuss specifics, Loughridge said he believed he would be exonerated. Anderson could not be reached for comment.

"I've had faith all along in the criminal justice system, and that faith continues," Loughridge said.

Anderson and Loughridge, who both joined the department in 2005, were fired in January. Since both officers were accused of a criminal act, the department acted swiftly, Hale said.

Holy's attorney has said the singer and a friend were at a bar not far from his home when Holy saw an off-duty Dallas police officer he knew. That officer introduced him to Anderson and Loughridge.

When the bar closed, Holy, his friend and the officers went to play foosball in Holy's garage. The officer Holy knew left a short time later, but Loughridge and Anderson stayed.

According to Dallas police reports filed with the district attorney's office, the four were drinking and playing foosball about 5:30 a.m. when Anderson began questioning the identity of Holy.

Holy and his friend told police that Anderson and Loughridge pointed their guns at them and told them to get on the ground. It's unclear how long the men were on the ground.

Before the officers left, the report says Anderson told Holy that he'd kill him if he said anything about the incident. The officers then left on their own, Hale said.

In the 911 call, the operator sounds frustrated by an inability to get information from Holy, who tells her several time that he's a recording artist.

"Here's the problem, ma'am. I'm a recording artist, and -- ma'am? Are you listening to me?" he says at one point.

When she tries to ask Holy if the two officers left together, Holy answers: "He put a gun to our heads."

"OK, you told me that at least five or six times," she says. "I have that. I understand that."

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