Men accused in murder for hire plot

DETROIT, MI According to court documents, the hit-men agreed to kill the couple for $100,000. But they were caught in a routine traffic stop after committing the alleged murder.

Brij Chhabra, 65, and his wife Aasha, 56, were found dead inside their Troy, Michigan, home last week. The alleged plot to kill the couple started to unravel when Miguel Angel Servando, 40, of Katy, Texas, and Nelson Oswaldo Mendoza, 34, were arrested last week after they were pulled over in a traffic stop. Police found evidence, including a blood smeared envelope and a gun in the car. That led them to the Chhabra home.

The men were allegedly hired by Narayan Thadani of Richmond. The Chhabras were embroiled in a lawsuit worth $1.5 million with Thadani over a real estate deal in India. The couple had been long time friends and Thadani handled a number of their financial deals.

Thadani, along with his gardener, Douglas Enor Tobar, will be in court today, charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Investigators say Tobar apparently introduced Thadani to the alleged hit-men.

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