Jillette's magician partner bets he'll win

WASHINGTON His magician partner Teller is betting he can. Teller tells AP Radio that he's placed a $5,000 bet on Jillette to win. Since the Vegas odds of that happening are 30-1, Teller stands to pocket $150,000 if Jillette wins. Teller says Jillette has been "practicing like a fiend" for four hours a day.

Jillette has danced in public before at the beginning of one of the Penn and Teller shows and Teller says his buddy was "a very expressive mover." And he thinks Jillette will look "hot" in the spangly costumes. His competition will include Priscilla Presley, Shannon Elizabeth and Steve Guttenberg. The new season of "Dancing With the Stars" starts tonight.

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