Grand jury to review case of hot car death

HOUSTON The little girl was found dead just two days ago after police say he accidentally left her in an SUV.

It began innocently enough on Friday. Daniel Fu left his south side place home and strapped his seven-month-old daughter, Allison, into her car seat. He left his driveway, bound for work. His plan was to drop the child off at the Montessori Country Day School no more than a few miles away.

Instead, for some reason, he arrived at Rice University, where he works as a business consultant under the administration department. He spent the day on the fourth floor until late afternoon.

Fu then returned to the Montessori school to pick up Allison and it was only then that he realized she'd remained strapped in the Toyota 4-Runner all day long, the same day Houston set a new heat record of 88 degrees for March 14.

"This is our first heat related death for 2008," said Gwen Carter with Children Protective Services.

There was no activity at the Fu home today, and officials at Rice University declined comment. Published reports suggest investigators are calling it a tragic accident. Still, the case will be referred to a grand jury and CPS is investigating.

"We don't see that we've ever visited with this family. So we've never had contact with them that we can find," said Carter.

Ironically, CPS is set to launch its spring campaign called "See and Save," and little Allison's death is exactly what that campaign will aim to prevent.

"We want to remind parents to see and save, that if you can see your child, you're more likely to save them," said Carter.

No criminal charges have been filed against Fu, and investigators have no information on when the grand jury might review this case.

CPS officials tell Eyewitness News there was only one vehicle heat related baby death last year. For more on how to keep your children safe and the CPS see and save initiative, CLICK HERE.

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