Graphic testimony in microwave baby case

GALVESTON, TX A microwave, a mini-refrigerator and safe -- for the first time the jurors saw the three strange places a father is accused of putting his infant daughter. The baby, Ana Mauldin, suffered third degree burns, prosecutors say, after /*Joshua Mauldin*/ put her in the tiny microwave and turned it on.

Jurors watched a video shot by a police officer of the Galveston hotel room and saw how the microwave may have worked. Defense attorney Sam Cammack doubts the video will help the case against his client.

"That was a police officer's rendition of what the room looked like when he went in there," Cammack said.

Mauldin pled not guilty by reason of insanity to the injury to a child charge. Cammack has said his client suffered hallucinations the night of the incident and put the /*baby in the microwave*/ to protect her. The defense team insists Mauldin has a long history of mental illness.

Cammack explained, "We believe that as of right now that his mental health is in question. Obviously, as he sits there, you can see he's despondent most of the time."

Through witness testimony prosecutors are trying to show Mauldin felt guilty and tried to cover up how the baby got hurt.

"Unfortunately, I didn't have any information from the parents to tell me what caused the burn," testified Dr. David Hererra.

The emergency room doctor who treated the baby, Dr. Herrera described the mood of Mauldin and his wife that morning in the ER as calm. During the doctor's testimony, graphic pictures of the baby's burns across her cheek, ear and arm were shown in court.

"I'd never seen a burn from a microwave, from someone being placed into a microwave," Dr. Herrera testified.

Prosecutors also tried to show that doctors don't know what the long-term health effects on the baby may be, because cases of people being burned inside microwaves are extremely rare.

The baby now lives with relatives.

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