Hakeem pleased Rockets' streak alive

HOUSTON But that Rockets team won the NBA title, and Hakeem was asked if he thought this Rockets team could do the same.

He's 45 years old now, but it's hard to believe. Hakeem moves like he did 20 years ago and the shot is just as sweet. And the memories of the Rockets' 15 game win streak in 1993, just as vivid.

"Everybody is understanding their role. I notice they have a common goal that they want to win, they want to keep this streak going. And when you have that common goal, that winning is the most important, then you see everybody doing their part. And that's what they're doing right now," he said.

Hakeem sees a lot of the '93 team in these 2008 Rockets.

"They enjoy this together. And they accept (Tracy) McGrady as the force. He's the franchise guy. And the players that are complementing him are complementing him. So there's contradiction there," he said.

But he admits when they lost Yao Ming, you had to wonder what might happen.

"Nobody expected that they would continue to do as well as their doing. But when you look at the talent and the way that their doing it, you can understand why. Everybody is sticking up, and they have McGrady playing phenomenal, creating opportunities for everybody else.

"I know (Dikembe) Mutombo is doing a fantastic job on the defensive end by holding the middle," Hakeem said.

So the question lingers, they've won 20 straight without Yao, but can they win the whole thing?

"You have to believe that they can. Any team that will beat them has to prove that. So that's why I believe they can go all the way," Hakeem said.

Just like his team did.

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