Standoff in Jersey Village turns deadly

HOUSTON It all unfolded late last night. Jersey Village police responded to a call of a man in a back yard beating on a window at a home near Jersey Drive and Lakeview. When they arrived, they found an armed man who's been identified at 56-year-old Frank Hubac trying to get into his ex-wife's house.

Officers confronted Hubac, who placed the pistol at his head and demanded to speak with his ex-wife. What happened next, officers say, left them with no choice.

"They tried to negotiate with him for about 20, 25 minutes, and then the subject turned and pointed the pistol at the officers and the officers opened fire at that time," said Lt. John Denholm with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "He was shot and killed in the back yard."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office and DA's office are both investigating. Police believe this might be a 'suicide by cop', a term that they're using in reference to this case, saying they had little choice when the man pointed the pistol at officers.

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