What caused yesterday's prison riot?

HOUSTON It was around 6:30pm yesterday when the fight broke out on the sixth floor of the federal facility. Houston police and firefighters were on the scene as soon as the first sign of trouble was called in.

"Injuries involved with the fights, basically a riot type situation," said Houston Fire Department District Chief Tommy Dowdy. "The guy who was transported was hit in the head with something."

As many as 80 inmates were involved in the riot and one man had to be transported due to his injuries.

All together, 50 inmates sustained some type injury. They were treated at a medical center inside of the prison. Authorities were able to break the riot up by using a flash bang. The device momentarily stuns people with a lot of noise and bright light, but there are no after effects like tear gas.

None of the federal detention officers were hurt. As for as the reason why the riot started, that is still under investigation.

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