Fire destroys old tool rental business

HOUSTON The fire started around 4am on Almeda Genoa at Radio Street. When firefighters first pulled up to the scene, they had to go into defensive mode. Flames were engulfing the building. The roof had already collapsed on the backside and within minutes, the rest of the roof and wall came down.

Houston firefighters say the winds were making it difficult to battle the raging fire.

According to the fire department, the structure was an old tool rental business. The owner was keeping cutting torch type equipment. It had been closed for the last several years, but there was still lots of equipment stored inside. There were reports of an explosion from some of the some tanks used for welding equipment.

Officials say there were no injuries reported.

There were some reports that a person was seen running from the back of the building. Arson is on the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

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