Rat & Roach visits the Rodeo

HOUSTON If you are having lunch or dinner at the Rodeo, there's something you should know. Before you eat it, a city of Houston health inspector has taken a good look at it or at least the place making your food.

"We have to come out once a day to perform routine safety inspections and we are just making sure that everyone is following food safety rules," said health inspector Abeid Fells.

Every booth is inspected every day. On Thursday, Inspector Fells first stop was Carino's Italian grill. What did he find?

"They had no violations," he said. "Food temperatures were good, Everything is clean. They are good to go."

The biggest issues at the Rodeo are hand sinks and food temperatures. Sills Concessions has a hand sink problem.

"Did you move the soap from the hand sink?" asked Inspector Fells of the business representative

"Do I need one to stay over there?" she asked.

"Yeah, that would be ideal," said Inspector Fells.

But that's easily fixed.

Up next, the New Braunfels Smokehouse. After checking the turkey and the meat on a stick, Inspector Fells says this booth is in good shape. Inspections are generally no different from those a restaurant endures, with the exception that each booth goes through an inspection every day.

While eating at the Rodeo may not be the least expensive option for you or your family, at least you know the food you are eating is coming from a clean kitchen.

If you want to see how your favorite restaurant did on its latest inspection, here's the link.

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