Texas voters hit the polls today

HOUSTON Elections officials expect a record turnout for today's primary. The West Gray service center came to life well before 7am in what for some gave meaning to the phrase, 'early voting'.

"The whole thing between Obama and Clinton on the Democratic side I find very interesting but I have a lot respect for the background that John McCain has and that's one thing," said voter Jim Dallavalle. "I just wanted to get here early because I heard there was going to be a big rush. I wanted to avoid it."

"I work in the clinic and as a teenager said to me yesterday, 'We just don't know who to vote for. We got a woman and a black man.' And that's not what the issue is about. And I want to make sure I get my vote in, not for that reason," said voter Judy Rosenmayer.

Based on the trend set by early voting this year, estimates are that 32 percent of Harris County 1.8 million registered voters will cast a vote today.

"I really do not want a see McCain come in. I'm afraid we'll just have a repeat of Bush's administration all over again," said voter Erin Stevens.

At precinct 490 in southwest Houston there were no major problems. There are 2,224 registered voters here but at least early on they have been bucking the trend.

"We've had 78 so far to vote and that is a little disappointing to me I'm surprised at that," said Precinct Judge Stelena Evans. "But I'm imagining the rush really will happen around noon time then of course in the evening like around 4:30pm on."

Voters seem to agree, this year the issues seem more important and the candidates more interesting.

"I voted for Barack Obama but my husband he voted for Hillary so I think we kind of knocked each other out," said voter Sharon Fox.

For one woman, whose two sons are half a world away fighting a war, many Americans regret, this trip to the polls was not just a right but as much as a responsibility.

"I'm not too anxious to have somebody in the office that is going to keep them in that situation and danger for a long time," said voter Dana Little.

The polls will be open until 7pm. To find out where you need to go to vote, Click Here.

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