Mayor's wife faces charges

ROMAN FOREST, TX Mary Sue Jackson was recently indicted for felony theft and is being held on a $200,000 bond. Police say the victim in this case was a longtime friend of Jackson, a woman who treated the accused like a member of her family.

Called a true legend by those who knew him, the late Dr. Haden McKay served as mayor of Humble for 24 years. His 91-year-old wife, Lillian, was never far from his side. A star in her own right, the neighborhood museum bears her name, as does the local post office.

"Ms. McKay is a fabulous woman," said Sue Daniel, a friend of McKay. "She is known as the first lady of Humble and she has always been involved in everything."

A woman revered by so many was betrayed and deceived, police say, by the one person she thought she could trust -- Mary Sue Jackson, a family friend and one-time nurse at the clinic started by McKay's late husband.

"There were a lot of transfers, online transfers and telephone transfers from Mrs. McKay to Mrs. Jackson's personal account," said V.H. Gonzalez with the Humble Police Department.

Investigators say McKay entrusted Jackson with her checkbook after she volunteered to pay the elderly woman's utility bills. She's accused of stealing nearly $200,000 from the 91-year-old over the course of three years. It was McKay's nephew who raised the red flag.

"She paid for her daughter's wedding, paid for her daughter's taxes, her daughter's insurance in Washington state," said Rocky Janda, McKay's nephew. "It's just one thing after another."

Jackson's connection to politics goes beyond her friendship with the McKays. Her husband is the mayor of Roman Forest, currently serving his fourth term in office which also makes Jackson a first lady.

"To take advantage of Mrs. McKay, who is one of the nicest and dearest people I know, is just not right," said Daniel.

We talked to Jackson's husband late Monday afternoon. He told us, "I support my wife. Ms. McKay has always been well aware of her own bank accounts. I'm sad this has happened. I have the highest respect for Ms. McKay. She and her husband have treated my wife like a daughter."

Jackson is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

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