Candidates head to TX before primaries

HOUSTON Four states, including the Lone Star State, will hold presidential contests tomorrow. It will most likely be Texas and Ohio that decide what the 2008 presidential election will look like come November. With so much riding on Texas, some of the candidates are intensifying their campaigns, especially when it comes to Houston.

All four of the main candidates, Democrat and Republican, will be in Texas this week. None of them are leaving anything to chance and they are spending not only time here, but lots of money.

After spending the weekend in Ohio, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are making their way back to Texas today. Senator Clinton will be in Austin. Obama and his wife Michelle will be in Houston for a rally at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

"The pressure is on her. He's pouring money and people into Texas where he has a better chance of winning because a win here pretty much ends the race in my judgment," said KTRK Political Analyst Dr Richard Murray.

Republican frontrunner John McCain will also be in Texas today. He will make a stop in Waco this morning before returning to Houston on Tuesday for a town hall meeting.

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee stopped at Hobby Airport Sunday afternoon.

"I'm still moving forward with optimism not pessimism and if Tuesday night, they don't come in, well then we'll talk about it. But I'm not going to say today it's inevitable," said Huckabee.

Today Huckabee is headed to Abilene and Midland, Texas.

Three of the candidates will spend primary night in Texas watching returns. Obama and Huckabee will be in San Antonio, McCain will be in Dallas.

Clinton will be in Columbus, Ohio. Analysts are expecting record turnout in both states.

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