Huckabee not done running for president

HOUSTON Huckabee, lagging far behind Republican rival John McCain in the delegate count, hopes that by winning the Texas primary Tuesday, he will keep McCain from getting the delegates required to become the GOP presidential candidate. Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island also have primaries Tuesday.

Huckabee suggested it is far too early to quit.

"I'm not understanding why some people are in such a rush to get this settled when I don't know there is a bomb sitting under anybody's chair that's going to go off if we don't have the nominee all settled," he said during a Houston news conference.

He later attended a fundraiser in the Dallas suburb of Plano. The Baptist minister also attended church services on Sunday.

In Texas, Huckabee hopes to appeal to social conservatives, who make up the bulk of the Republican primary voters. Huckabee opposes abortion, gay marriage, an assault-weapons ban and an immediate removal of troops from Iraq.

Overall, McCain has 939 delegates to Huckabee's 245.

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