Dynamo gets new owner in 'Golden Boy'

HOUSTON Now, we know what the two-time defending champs can do on the field and we know what Oscar De La Hoya can do in the ring. Put them together, and the results should be a knockout.

The Golden Boy was flashing his golden smile down at Jones Plaza on Friday.

It was a celebration, Dynamo style, to welcome six-time boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya in as the Dynamo's new owner. Oscar and business partner Gabriel Brener are buying 50 percent of the club.

"You know, to us, it was soccer or boxing," De La Hoya said.

De La Hoya, with a passion for soccer, also is helping his new team get a deal for a new stadium. He had his first meeting with Mayor Bill White on Friday afternoon.

"We deserve a brand new stadium" De La Hoya told the Jones Plaza crowd. "The fans deserve a brand new stadium. And if I have to put on these gloves right here, we will put on the gloves and we will fight for a brand new stadium."

De La Hoya doesn't plan on making any changes in the Dynamo organization. He will, though, be hands-on. Even with his busy schedule, you will see De La Hoya at Dynamo games.

"I am fighting three times this year, but there are 24 hours in a day and 365 days a year," De La Hoya said. "I am about the team. I will be here to support."

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