'Botox bandit' skips out on spa bill

HOUSTON Dana LaConey of the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine said, "I was shocked, I was really shocked."

LaConey says a new client last week was smooth talking and sweet.

"Very well dressed, very well spoken," she recalled.

But that impression changed when she was supposed to pay the bill for her Botox cosmetic procedures.

"I'm upset, but it's comical at the same time," LaConey said. "I mean, you're gonna get caught."

It's comical, but perhaps criminal as well. LaConey is part owner of the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine, and she tells police, the woman walked away with more than $2,600 in Botox services and skin care products.

"She let me take her pictures," LaConey explained. "That's what's amazing. I have her photographs."

LaConey has handed those before and after photographs from the cosmetic procedures over to police, hoping officers can track down the woman they now call the Botox bandit. No one suspected anything, until it was time to pay.

Receptionist Argentina Vasquez said, "As soon as I gave her the total, she said, 'Well, good. Let me go and get my American Express.'"

"We waited a little longer than a few minutes and we called her, and there was no response," said nurse Margo Shioura.

All of the phone numbers were phony, leaving LaConey with little option but to call police.

She said, "I don't want her to do this again."

As the police investigation unfolds, we may be able to show you those photos. LaConey says this is part of the risk of doing business on the honor system. In the future, she may consider asking for a driver's license first.

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