Man accused of identity theft arrested

February 27, 2008 4:37:52 AM PST
An alleged identity thief police call a 'dirt ball' is behind bars this morning. Investigators say 44-year-old Robert Stringer stole identities of dead people by reading obituaries and then creating counterfeit checks under their names. Investigators say stringer went as far as ordering $130 worth of frozen desserts to be delivered to his northwest Houston home using a fake check.

One of his alleged victims was a local Army Captain James Alexander Funkhouser, who was killed in Iraq two years ago. Funkhouser's family was furious.

"I don't think there is a punishment that exists that is fitting," said the victim's father James Funkhouser. "Although turning him loose in downtown Baghdad may not be a bad idea."

Houston police say Stringer may have more victims out there. If you know of a victim or think you may be a victim yourself, call HPD's Financial Crimes Unit at 713-308- 2500.

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