Young girl dies, family burned in fire

February 23, 2008 4:54:34 PM PST
A little girl is dead and her family burned after a fire torches their north Houston home.Just one look tells you how furious the early morning fire was which destroyed a trailer home in north Harris County.

"The fire department arrived, the structure was fully involved in fire from front to back," said Harris County Fire Investigator Bryan Holmes.

Rose Herrin knows the family living here. They are a mother, father and she says two little girls, ages two and three.

"I loved those two little girls so much, and they loved me," said Herrin.

She saw the girls just days ago.

"Their daddy was riding with them in the car and they said they wanted to see Ms. Rose, so he pulled in the driveway and honked and they came out," Herris said. "He said, 'Ms. Rose, my girls want to see you cause they love you,' and I said 'well I love them to.'"

When firefighters arrived, three family members were outside, but one was inside that rescue crews could not get to in time.

"The fire department was unable to get to her, to rescue her, there was too much fire," said Investigator Holmes.

The three year old girl was somehow left inside, the parents and two year old made it out, but were sent to the hospital with burns.

"They were tiny little girls, they were real sweet," Herrin said. "This hurt me, that I seen these two little girls just four days ago and just hugged and kissed them babies and now she's gone," Herrin said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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