HPD: Child in stolen car found safe

February 21, 2008 4:19:44 AM PST
A father was reunited with his 11-month-old son after a harrowing experience. The child was inside a car when it was stolen from a home in southeast Houston. That baby boy was dropped off at Ben Taub Hospital after the car was stolen.

It all started on Alsace near OST. Calvin Williams had just strapped 11-month-old Xavier into his car seat for their usual trip to grandma's house. As he was securing the locks and windows outside of the home, absolute terror ensued.

"I turned around and my car was backing out of the garage," said Williams.

Knowing that his son, Xavier, was still strapped in, the father gave chase on foot, running after the car down the street and continuing to run long after his vehicle was out of sight.

"I just ran down the street and said, 'My baby, my baby'. All I could do was try to catch up with the car but it was gone. So I just started praying at that point," said Williams.

Williams' wife picked him up and they waited to hear from police. About an hour later, the police called, saying that Xavier was at Ben Taub Hospital. Police had confirmed the child's identity through photos provided by the family.

Calvin's wife gave him the good news.

"'Go to Ben Taub. They think that he's there on site.' So, I just went straight over to Ben Taub," he said.

Around 8am, Williams emerged with his son, who was unharmed. The car thief had apparently dropped off the child on hospital grounds.

"I can't get into the guy's mind, why he did it, but I do thank God that he recognized that the baby was in there and it seems like he went straight to the hospital with him," said Williams.

The suspect left in a forest green 2001 Monte Carlo and remains on the loose.

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