More thorns than petals for local couple

February 19, 2008 10:05:40 AM PST
Most guys get into trouble when they forget to send flowers on Valentines Day. One Houston man remembered the all important order, but still landed in hot water. It's because of what arrived at his girlfriend's office. The problems started on Valentine's Day when the arrangement did not arrive and they got worse when the consumer finally got the flowers.

Even though Valentine's Day was last week, you can still find plenty of flowers in offices around town. But one bouquet did not quite cut it. The first problem happened Valentine's Day.

"My boyfriend ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentine's Day and I never got them," said Tammy Blanchard.

Blanchard says the next day, the arrangement finally arrived at her office, but that did not improve things.

"It was nothing like the picture or anything," she said.

Looking at a photo of the bouquet side by side with what came, it's easy to see why Blanchard and her boyfriend were less than satisfied.

"He said that's not what he picked and he did not want me to think he would send anything like that," said Blanchard.

So the couple called the florist, but things got worse.

"Both of us tried calling the number on the card and no answer," said Blanchard.

So they went to the address listed on the company's card, but that did not help either.

"There was nothing there," said Blanchard.

That's right, the shop had been located off of Bolsover in the Rice Village, but that whole block has been demolished. It turns out Blanchard's boyfriend found the shop online and had never actually been to the store. We found the shop, Creations from the heart, at its new location near the South Loop. Owners tell us the phone system was out recently, but now that has been fixed.

Employees at Creations from the Heart would not talk to us on camera, but tell us now that the phone system is working, any unsatisfied customers can call back and get a refund.

"If you are looking at quality versus quantity, you really don't have either," said Deana Turner with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

We asked Turner to look at the flower photos. Turner says this not the first Valentine mess she's heard of. To avoid it, she says make sure you know who you are dealing with before ordering flowers online.

"Find out where they are actually based," she said.

Again, workers at the store say they will offer a refund if unsatisfied customers call back.

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