Jeff on the Job

  • Program helps you buy new car
    If you need a new car, the state of Texas may have money for you.

  • Digital television
    A big change is coming to television early next year. By government mandate, television stations will stop sending analog signals and go totally digital.

  • Free legal help for consumers
    If you have ever had a problem with a company or service and just did not know your legal rights, you are not alone.

  • Bought a diamond? Get money back!
    Diamonds may be a girl's best friend and if you bought one in the last 14 years, you maybe getting some money back. And it does not matter if the diamond was on a ring or watch, or even a necklace.

  • Internet shopping
    Yard sales have been around forever, but now there is a new twist on the old Saturday sell-off. And it's making it easier for buyers and sellers.

  • Medicare Help
    From Jeff's report on getting help with your Medicare.
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