New Baytown coaches in cramped quarters

February 17, 2008 1:33:40 PM PST
Home is where you put your hat, providing you can find a place for your hat.For Goose Creek Memorial football coach Bret Boyd and defensive coordinator Wes Rodgers, home is a 28-foot long trailer.

Home consists of one closet, one severely undersized bedroom suite and two 6-foot-long bunk beds, one of which Rodgers squeezes his 6-foot-3 frame into. The trailer is supposed to sleep eight, but that may be an urban legend.

It is also the place they entertain their wives Brenda and Trenda when they come down for weekend visits.

"They say we cramp their style," Brenda Boyd said. "Wes and I sit on the couch and Trenda sits at the table. Wes sits in his recliner, which is a lawn chair. Things get a little tight.

"They told us the first weekend we came down that they came home at noon and cleaned the bathroom for an hour -- but I have not used it."

Both Brenda and Trenda live together in a house in Killeen as they prepare to move to Baytown this summer. In the meantime, the guys have to rough it.

Boyd has called the trailer home since Jan. 7.

His brother-in-law had the trailer parked at the Highlands and would stay over when he got off work from his job in the ship channel. It was unused when Boyd took over as the first head coach of Goose Creek Memorial and he moved it into Baytown.

One week later, Rodgers moved in, as they began the task of building an athletic program.

It is not the first time the coaches have had to live in a rustic style. When Boyd took over at Killeen Ellison, he took up temporary residence in the fieldhouse.

"I lived in the fieldhouse for three months," Boyd said. "This is a lot nicer than the fieldhouse and the weekends would get lonely."

Brenda came to visit Bret while he lived in the fieldhouse and got a firsthand taste of room service.

"We would sleep on a futon in his office," Brenda said. "One morning the custodian came into the office to make coffee for us. I was pulling the sheets up and Bret was introducing me -- 'I'd like you to meet my wife Brenda.'

Wes lived in a 38-foot five-wheel trailer for a year and a half following a divorce. Once he married Trenda, the couple stayed in the trailer for another year before buying a house.

"There is no comparison because we sleep in bunk beds," Trenda said.

When the women are in town, the majority of the day is spent venturing around the area, going out to eat and taking in the sights along the coast. During the week, it is all business as the two coaches return to their bachelor roots.

"They kind of mess up our system when they visit," Wes said. "It takes a while to get back into the routine."

Each day begins with jogging and getting into the office by 6:45 a.m. After a day's work, they either return to the trailer or take in a basketball game. Bret sleeps in the main bed, which is comfortable as long as he sleeps at an angle. His closet consists of a bar hung alongside his bed. Wes sleeps on the bottom bunk on the other side of the trailer, which can be considered a gymnastic feat.

"It's an experience that most coaches don't normally do," Bret said. "It will be something to tell our grandchildren about."

And then there are the cooking duties to be considered. Every Wednesday, the two team up to cook enough meals for the week, which they place in Tupperware containers. Bret is acknowledged as the superior cook.

Although new to Baytown, the coaches have a constant companion in Peppito, Brenda's dog.

"It's like boot camp when he comes to live with us," Bret said. "We are stricter that Brenda, but he has a routine. He sleeps on his blanket during the day and we have taught him how to retrieve."

Visiting Baytown may feel like boot camp to Peppito, but that is not the case for Brenda and Trenda when they come to visit.

"I feel like I'm on vacation," Brenda said. "We're always going and doing something because the trailer is so small. We can't wait to move there and begin to meet people."

Brenda and Bret have been married for 25 years and have taken in stride the time apart.

Wes and Trenda have been married for seven years and the time spent apart can be taxing.

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