Ethics watchdog wants probe into sheriff's office

February 16, 2008 6:22:10 AM PST
Following 13 Undercover's reports on free labor provided by Harris County inmates, an ethics watchdog is calling for an investigation of the sheriff's office. We've been detailing evidence that jail inmates have been providing free labor for select customers approved by the sheriff's office. They build everything from barbeque pits to kitchen cabinets. Inmate instructors are now confirming they worked on the fence at the sheriff's ranch.

"There should be a criminal investigation, a grand jury should be impaneled and there should be a criminal investigation whether or not state property was used for personal use of public officials," said Ethics watchdog Fred Lewis.

The DA's office hasn't confirmed it will investigate, but the county attorney's office is looking into the legality of what's been going with the inmate education program.

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