Probation officer accused in sex cases

February 14, 2008 6:30:19 PM PST
It's his job to help people who are trying to turn their lives around. Instead, a probation officer is accused of demanding sexual favors from his clients in exchange for lighter punishments.William Nolen, 44, is being held without bond. He's accused of taking advantage of his female clients on several occasions.

The allegations are stunning in their boldness. Using his power and authority to force women to have sex. Now those allegations are growing in number with suspicions by investigations that there may be more victims they haven't heard from.

Nolen was fired in October from his job as a Harris County adult probation officer. The latest allegation against him involves two cases of sexual assault, filed this week by Harris County assistant district attorney Lisa Andrews.

"His line, if you will, is that he had a lot of power and authority over them," Andrews said. "If they were out of compliance with any of their probation guidelines, or even if they weren't, he had that implied authority over them. He would let a judge know and send them back to jail."

The most recent case involves 31-year-old woman on probation Nolen was supervising. Nolen allegedly had sex with this woman.

The complaint alleges, "He, meaning Nolen, could have her probation revoked for her falling behind on her community service."

The complaint also alleges a second sexual assault against the same woman, saying, "The defendant informed her he wanted to photograph her in the nude. The defendant then disrobed and had sexual intercourse with her."

"Obviously that's what's alleged and the state is going to have to prove that as a key element of these particular allegations," explained George Parnham, Nolen's attorney.

There are four cases of sexual assault and one case of attempted sexual assault filed against Nolen. The five cases involve three women. Parnham says Nolen has entered a 'not guilty' plea in each of those five cases. Nolen's bond was revoked this week. He remains in custody in Harris County jail.

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