Search resumes for missing boater

February 8, 2008 1:14:53 PM PST
The search continues for a man who apparently fell off a boat in Lake Houston.It was yesterday shortly before 6pm when authorities were called to Lake Houston. A group of men said they were out on the boat and they were cruising along when they either noticed that their friend was missing

Authorities now have a better idea of where the man went into the water. His friends who were on the boat with him returned this morning to be re-interviewed by investigators and to point out where they first noticed that their friend was missing.

There was confusion last night as to exactly where they were on the lake when he fell off the boat. Police have also gotten clarification that his friends didn't see him fall. And they alerted police once they noticed he was missing.

Investigator do believe alcohol played a part in the man's death. They have still not released his name at this point in time.

Dive crews say they will work through the day to try and recover the man's body

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