Search goes on for pregnant woman

February 8, 2008 6:01:27 PM PST
Tierra Adams is just days away from delivering her baby, but no one knows where she is. The young mother-to-be has been missing for more than a week now. Volunteers continued their search efforts Friday. Day three saw more walking a search grid. Volunteers searched on foot and on horseback, but the result is the same -- no Adams.

The 25-year-old mother to be had been in jail for seven moths. She had been out only three days when she was last seen on January 29, last seen, say Houston police, by her boyfriend after an argument in northwest Harris County. She got out of his car near Highway 249 around 1am. Her family hasn't heard from her since. Equusearch was called in on Tuesday.

"The thing I was concerned about is there's been a lot of media attention and no one's getting any calls with any leads whatsoever," said Tim Miller with Equusearch. "I'm sure if she was out there, somebody would notice."

They'd certainly notice a woman about to deliver a baby. The child is scheduled to be born on Valentine's Day, so volunteers are, in a sense, looking for two people.

"Hopefully, the fight was bad enough that she went and stayed with a friend or something, but that's what we hope for," said Miller. "But we also know that we've done 800 plus of these and after 11 days, every day, we lose a little bit more hope."

Unless any new information comes forward, the search may not be resumed until next week. Equusearch is trying to conserve resources.

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