Woman advertised for hit man on Craigslist

January 27, 2008 9:24:03 AM PST
A Michigan woman is accused of posting an ad on the Internet hoping to find somebody to kill the wife of a California man she had met online and had had an affair with. Forty-nine-year-old Ann Marie Linscott was arrested at her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last week. Federal prosecutors this week will seek to have her transferred to northern California to face charges.

According to court documents, Linscott put an ad on Craigslist last November soliciting somebody to perform what was described as a "freelance" job. Only those who responsed to the ad were told exactly what the job involved.

FBI agents say Linscott offered $5,000 to "eradicate" the woman, along with her name and work address. The agent in charge of the Sacramento office says he's heard of some "screwy things," but never anything like this.

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