Huge statues gain attention along freeway

January 25, 2008 5:03:37 PM PST
You may have seen them, possibly while sitting in traffic -- huge, oversized statues right on the side of the road. It's the work of Dave Adickes, a well-known artist from our area. The 'Mount Rushhour' statues sit right off of I-10 eastbound, before the Smith Street exit. They've been bringing a lot of attention to the modest neighborhood just northwest of downtown.

Resident David Taylor said, "We have been getting a lot of attention out here lately -- Rolls Royce's, Jaguars, Mercedes Benz. Everybody's riding through here."

There's something new and spectacular.

"I was like, wow," said resident Richard North. "It shocked me."

It's something you can also see from the freeway.

"It's a good spot, lot of traffic through here," said North.

At 22 feet high and 60 feet wide, this sculpture's official title is "A Tribute to American Statesmanship." It's also a tribute to our traffic troubles, according to its creator, David Adickes.

He said, "Traffic gets stopped here every morning for 15 minutes, and I thought it would be something nice to look at."

Washington, Lincoln, Houston and Austin -- these oversized busts, and we used the word oversized lightly, are in a spot where they're tough to miss.

Adickes explained, "That's the whole point -- it being very visible from I-10 and I-45."

Another goal? To honor the somewhat forgotten notion of statesmanship.

"We need more of them. I would settle for one good one," said Adickes.

Beyond that, Adickes' goals are modest .

"Just relief from the billboards that crowd the highways," he said. "We want to make a beautiful downtown, and I want this to complement everything else."

Adickes is almost finished with the project. He's hoping one of his next projects will be a giant Texas Ranger for the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco.

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