War veterans being targeted by thieves

January 23, 2008 8:23:58 AM PST
An American Legion post serving war veterans is the target of thieves and it's not the first time they've been hit. Just this week, thieves broke into the American Legion Post 594 in southeast Houston. The facility's operators say the bandits keep coming back for the same items -- TVs, two riding lawn mowers and three communication PA systems.

Members say without the equipment they can't serve the needs of veterans and others in need.

"What they are doing is taking away from the veterans who went and fought for them," said American Legion Auxiliary President Gladys Wine. "They are hurting the veterans, is what they are doing, but they don't seem to care," said American Legion Auxiliary President Gladys Wine.

If you have any information on the break-ins at the American Legion Post on Dixie Drive, call Houston police burglary and theft division at 713-308-0900.

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