Cy Creek soccer sisters turning heads

January 23, 2008 12:05:48 PM PST
If you play soccer, you know you have to be in shape. The Cy Creek girls team has a couple of sisters who have the name and the game. Number 9 is Audrey LaLanne, a Cy Creek senior and Sarah LaLanne, number 19, is a Cy Creek freshman. Both started playing soccer when they were 4. There were no tutus for these girls.

"We tried ballet. That wasn't it and we went to soccer and stuck with it ever since," said Audrey.

This season is the first time the two sisters have played together. The LaLannes are ready to help the Cougars make a run to the playoffs. And running is no problem when your last name is LaLanne, as in fitness guru, Jack. He's Audrey and Sarah's distant cousin.

"My dad actually told us that we were related to him," said Robin, Audrey and Sarah's father. "I think he's actually a third cousin."

"Some distant relation or something," said Audrey. "I've never met him, though."

To play soccer, you have to be physically fit. Audrey and Sarah take after their distant cousin in that respect.

"He's pretty much a workout fanatic," said Audrey.

"We got some of his genes," joked Sarah.

All kidding aside, the LaLanne sisters have some game and the Cougars have the talent to make some noise this year.

"I was surprised because we lost a lot of good seniors from last year," said Audrey. "But we really worked together. We play very well as a team. I think we should do really well."

And who knows? Maybe their first cousin -- Patrick Swayze -- will take in a game.

"We've never met him either," joked Audrey.

Now we know we're they get their moves.

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