Dog with tough life gets surgery

January 17, 2008 9:46:05 PM PST
A dog found abandoned in West Texas is calling Houston her temporary home. She arrived here for sight-saving surgery, but it was too late to save her eyes.However it's not too late for Lorie whose life until now has been a sad one.

A Great Pyrenees, she was found abandoned and starving on the streets of Pecos in far West Texas a few months ago. She would have been euthanized at the animal pound if there had not been a kind-hearted woman named Ruth Luster. Luster heard of the dog's plight and took her in with her pack of rescued dogs. Malnutrition though had affected the Pyrenee's eyes.

The story of Lorie spread to a West Texas newspaper, then to the web. An email appeal hit inboxes looking for a vet to help restore her eyesight and a request for a foster home in Houston while she recovered from cataract surgery.

That's when an admitted cat person opened up her home in Bellaire to a very large dog.

"For all she's been through she's very loving," said foster home provider Elaine Ende.

At first Ende said she was doing it for the kids in Pecos who held fundraisers for Lorie.

"That's the part that got to me, it really touched me that the students got involved like that and I wanted the story to have a good ending," Ende said.

The ending for which Ende hoped, didn't happen. Thursday, the dog that has endured so much, was found to have irreversible damage to her retinas. Lorie is blind, guided only by sound.

She'll be returning to Pecos sooner rather than later on the private plane that brought her here. She will never see the people who helped her, but she can sense them and perhaps as Ende says, show others how to deal with being different.

"Some of the students may be special needs and they'll realize that being blind isn't the end of your life," Ende said. "It can also be the beginning. In her case it was the beginning."

Lorie will be put up for adoption on her return to Pecos. People have already applied to give her a loving permanent home.

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