Man trying to cross freeway hit, killed

January 11, 2008 11:09:24 AM PST
A pedestrian was run over by more than a dozen vehicles overnight in east Houston.It was around 12:15am when police say the man tried to cross the East Freeway near Federal Road. The pedestrian was hit by an 18-wheeler and then struck over and over again by other passing drivers.

Police say the victim made it across the eastbound lane, but was hit by an 18-wheeler as he was walking across the westbound lane. He was hit so hard that his body flew over two lanes and then he was hit again.

Investigators say it may take them some time to identify the man because his body was badly damaged when he was hit by multiple cars.

"He was sent back into the traffic lane when a couple of individuals, two separate vehicles, just ran him over. They aren't quite sure what they had run over, so they did, they stopped because they were curious because it was something quite large and that's when they realized it was a person," said DJ Gutierrez with the Houston Police Department.

Investigators say the man was then hit several more times by at least a dozen drivers. It took officials from the medical examiner's several hours to collect the remains.

Investigators aren't sure if the pedestrian was intoxicated or not. They don't why he didn't use the pedestrian walkway that runs over 1-10, which is just a few feet away from where he first stepped onto the freeway.

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