Low voter turnout expected in Michigan

January 15, 2008 5:23:07 PM PST
John McCain and Mitt Romney are in a tight race in the Michigan primary, but some residents apparently aren't enthused. Just a mere 20 percent of eligible voters are expected to show up at polling stations across the state. That's in part because frigid and snowy weather and a Democratic race of little to no consequence.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only top contender on the Democratic ballot, where no delegates are at stake.

For Republicans, up for grabs are 30 delegates and needed momentum heading into upcoming primaries in South Carolina and Florida.

Romney, needing a win after second-place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, is the only major Republican candidate planning to watch the voting returns in Michigan.

McCain and Iowa winner Mike Huckabee have planted themselves in South Carolina, which votes Saturday.