Habits of successful exercisers

January 9, 2008 6:09:18 PM PST
Why is it that some people seem to get in shape effortlessly, while others struggle and never really get in an exercise routine? What do successful exercisers know that others don't? Following are some of their strategy secrets and tactics the can turn those who continually start and stop into regular exercisers. 1. Have a clear image of your goals. Decide what your goal is then visualize yourself as successful in reaching it. Keep that image in your head.

2. Focus on improving fitness levels, not losing pounds. A balanced exercise program that includes cardio and strength training will improve many health indicators, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which will keep you healthy and strong. Think of weight loss as an added bonus.

3. Plan the details of your workout in advance. Instead of scheduling a "workout", jot down "power yoga class" or "45 minute treadmill walk at 4 mph". Writing down the specifics will help keep you focused.

4. Increase exercise intensity gradually. Too much too soon will lead to burnout and possible injury. Progressively more intense workouts are not only safer, but they will burn more calories.

5. Think of exercise as a reward all be itself. Feeling better and invigorated are great outcomes of exercise. Enjoy those intrinsic rewards, and you'll learn to love regular exercise.

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