Get personal about fitness

But there are many questions: what to do, how much, and how often? For answers, both novice and veteran exercisers alike turn to personal coaching and instruction from a trained specialist. Personal fitness coaches can help design a program that will accomplish your specific exercise goals, regardless of your history and current condition. Personal coaching is especially useful when just starting an exercise program, as it provides focus, motivation, and the assurance that workouts are safe and effective. Exercise assistance is available in many forms at YMCAs. Check with your Fitness Director to see if any of the following options are available to you:

Personal Fitness Program. Many YMCAs have exercise programs with an individual touch specifically designed for the new or returning exercisers. Each participant has a coach who provides instruction, sets direction, and helps identify potential barriers to you staying active.

Personal Trainers. One-on-one instruction from a certified personal trainer can provide the ultimate in exercise instruction. A trainer not only designs a program just for you, but also guides you through each workout with technique tips and encouragement.

Private Exercise Area. It's not uncommon for those just starting out to feel intimidated being in a fitness area with lots of active people. To address this, many facilities have developed separate areas with fitness equipment and staff focused on the new exerciser.

Interactive Exercise Equipment. Easy-to-use, computerized exercise equipment that is interactive helps participants set workout parameters, monitor each exercise session, track progress, and stay motivated.

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